Alfa Romeo team is confident they can still beat Williams

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Alfa Romeo team is confident they can still beat Williams

Entering the top 10 of the Hungarian Grand Prix with both cars, Williams came ahead of Alfa Romeo in the constructors ’race, but Alfa’s racing boss, Xevi Pujolar, remains optimistic that the situation could change.

Williams scored their first points in the 2021 season in the last race of the first part of the current season, which was driven at the Hungaroring. Nicholas Latifi finished seventh - after holding third place for a long time in an unusual race - and George Russell placed eighth after disqualifying Sebastian Vettel.

Alfa Romeo won the third point of the season thanks to Kimi Raikkonen, but their lag behind the team from Grove is now seven points. Still, Pujolar believes it is not impossible to overtake Williams. “That (overtaking Williams) won’t be easy, but I think it’s possible,” Pujolar says.

"It could have been a lot worse than they were in the beginning, so I'm still happy about it." "We wanted to have both cars in Q2, we wanted to have both cars ahead of Williams so we achieved that and thought: okay, we're in a very good position, and after the first lap everything just disappeared." "We still had a chance even if both (Williams drivers) were in front, but both were in front and both of our cars had a penalty, so it was even more challenging." “But we managed to regain some of the positions during the race, and they lost a lot of places, so the difference in points is not big.

We still have a lot of races ahead of us and we can do it, ”he assures.


Given the fact that there are 12 races left, Pujolar believes Alfa Romeo has the performance to regularly collect small points, and they would be worried if there is not much more races.

"I think we can achieve that under normal racing conditions. That we only have three or four races left probably not, but with more races to the end it’s achievable. We don't need specific tracks, ”he explains. "Therefore, I do not see that a special state schedule is needed.

We can (start doing that) from the Spa (Belgian Grand Prix) until the end of the season, ”concluded Pujolar. Indeed, until the very end of the season, we will have a race between these two teams that will do their best to be the leaders.

Still, they are aware that the difference is small and there are still many races ahead of them