Horner: "Perez did what we expected"

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Horner: "Perez did what we expected"

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says their new driver for the 2021 season did a team job and was there when their first driver wasn't so good. Both Red Bull teams have changed drivers this season, with the main team taking Sergio Perez as teammate to Max Verstappen, and Yuki Tsunoda came to AlphaTauri alongside Pierre Gasly.

Although Perez found it harder than he expected to adapt to the unique features of the Red Bull chassis, his bosses were impressed with the teamwork and the fact that he played diligently helping Verstappen. Amid growing indications that Red Bull will keep Perez for another season as they see little reason to move Gasly away from the strong team leader role he fills at AlphaTauri, Horner said he sees no reason to change things now.

He claims Red Bull did the right thing by looking outside the program of their young drivers late last year and believes Perez has proved valuable. "Our view has always been to give young people a chance, and Red Bull has done more than any other team," Horner said.

"But from time to time it is necessary to leave the program." "It was a brave decision, but I think it was the right decision. The dynamics in the team work well, "he added. Perez's biggest difficulty this season was the inability to get the maximum pace out of the car in the qualifiers.


However, Horner believes the Mexican did the necessary things to stop Mercedes when their first driver Max Verstappen had a bad day like Baku. "Sergio got the role we were hoping for," says Horner. "You saw it in Baku when he won on the day he managed to put Lewis under pressure."

"He (Perez) collected construction points and played a team game, as we saw at the French Grand Prix. He is a great team player and we are very satisfied with the work he is doing. " It seems that they will not have a dilemma for the future in Red Bull and they believe Perez could be their hope next season as well.

Although Perez is not at the level that most expect, Red Bull still has great confidence and they believe that Perez will be better in the rest of the season. Given the quality he possesses, he should return to the right form and help his team as he has done so far.