Head: "Williams have the right leaders for new success"

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Head: "Williams have the right leaders for new success"

When it comes to creating a team that wins the F1 World Championship, few have as much knowledge on the subject as Patrick Head who believes Williams has the right leaders to get this team back to the places they once won.

Head joined forces with Frank Williams to form the now legendary Williams team - a duo that led the team to win nine constructors' championship titles and seven driving titles. Retired after 2011, Head is now remotely watching the progress of his old team, but speaking in the latest edition of the F1 podcast Beyond The Grid, he said he is pleased that the Grove team has everything needed for new success.

"Given that I've been in a relationship with Williams or something like that for 35-40 years, many of which we've won races… I have to say we've been winners, not every year, mostly." Williams haven't been close to what they used to be for the last couple of years, and nothing is working for them.

The form they once had is far behind them, but it looks like there could be a reversal and they could be competitive again at the top of the table “So it’s been a little sad to see in the last ten years that they have a pretty poor performance, so I’m very pleased to see them coming back,” Head says.


Head believes leadership is what the team lacks, but believes in Williams and their leaders "I think Jost (Capito) and the people he brought there have very good people who have been there for a while, but they needed better leadership at the top and I think they understand that now," he said.

Head added that he was pleased to see Williams enter the points winners with both cars in the last race of the first part of the season at the Hungarian Grand Prix, even if it was affected by the incident. "Obviously, the incident on the front (grid), the first corner, helped them, so they are not deserving yet.

They have a few more times before they get (to the results). But I think good people are in place, the determination is good - I don't know much about funding, but I understand that it exists. " The Williams team has been working hard both since the beginning of the season and later in the season.

They look much better and could once again be one of the main topics on F1 tracks. They just need to do what will bring them to the very top.