Vettel considers Alonso the most skilled driver in F1 history

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Vettel considers Alonso the most skilled driver in F1 history

Sebastian Vettel spared no words of praise for two-time world champion Fernando Alonso. In fact, the German assures that for him no driver in the history of Formula 1 has shown such skills behind the wheel. The Spaniard returned to the premier class grid after two seasons.

The reason for his departure was the uncompetitiveness of the car with which he could not win more than two titles. When he returns with Alpine, he wants to try to reach another title, which he wants very much. He sees this possibility in the 2022 season when a new era enters the scene: new cars with wider tires, etc.

On the other hand, the four-time and two-time world champions have met again this season, and the German assures that he even smiles when he fights against the Spaniard, despite the fact that they are fighting for different goals compared to 10 years ago.

"I enjoy fighting Fernando. When he came back this year we had close fights and that’s why I smiled under my helmet. I hope we have more like that because we didn’t have too many. I always enjoy being with Fernando, ”said Vettel.


The Aston Martin driver adds that according to him, Alonso did something impossible because he thought it was impossible to beat Michael Schumacher because his skills are something F1 has not seen. "I remember 2003, I was in front of the TV and I remember watching him win his first race… his talent is not in dispute." “His track skills are the most skillful this sport has ever seen.

Fernando did something I thought was impossible, he beat Michael Schumacher, "said Vettel. “When I was growing up, Michael was always my number one and it was impossible to beat him. But Fernando started doing it and I think it's an extraordinary achievement.

" "Fernando had a longer career than me and drove more cars than me, so it's a pleasure to compete with him," Vettel concluded. It's really great that two experienced drivers get along so well and we hope to see them in Formula 1 for a long time to come.

Although they are in their late years, they still show that they have the skill as before, but their cars are not competitive for now and it is no wonder why they do not achieve much better results. However, most agree that they are both one of the greatest Formula One drivers, which we certainly agree with, and it will be interesting to follow their performances until the very end of the season.