Ferrari pleased with Mick Schumacher's progress

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Ferrari pleased with Mick Schumacher's progress

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto says their junior Mick Schumacher, who drives for Haas in the first season of Formula 1, is progressing very well and expects further improvement in the second part of the season. Schumacher won the Formula 2 title last year, and Ferrari, therefore, decided to promote him to a premier-class grid to drive for their powertrain customer: the American team Haas.

Since Haas decided he had no plans to upgrade the car for this season, to allow them to focus fully on the 2022 season when the new F1 rules take effect, the 22-year-old was challenged to show off his ability. There were difficult moments, such as the conflict on the track with teammate Nikita Mazepin and the incidents in Hungary (3rd free practice), the qualifications in Monaco, and the Emilio Romagna Grand Prix.

However, his first entries in the second qualifying round at the French Grand Prix and his fighting performance in Hungary were also highlighted: where he went wheel to wheel with Max Verstappen and George Russell on his way to the currently best 12th place in his career.

After the first part of the season, Binotto said he was happy with Schumacher's performance - urging the German to keep pressing in the second part of the season. "Mick is driving for Haas in his first year in Formula One.

We said at the beginning of the season that the goal is not to pressure first, but to make sure he is learning, ”explains Binotto. "So, 2021 must be an important year for him in terms of learning and if we look at that goal: he did well."

Binotto is pleased

Binotto seems pleased with Schumacher and his progress so far this season. It is obvious that Mick inherited his father's talent, of course, he is not even close for now, but if he develops properly, who knows, maybe he will achieve at least approximately what his dad is.

"Mick has been doing well since the beginning of the season, he is learning and progressing. Obviously (he had) a few mistakes. In general, in terms of the balance so far - we can be happy." "What is important for him is to continue to develop and thrive in the second part of the season.

But I am convinced that he can do it, "he added. Certainly, the majority is closely following the progress of the young German, given his father who is the biggest star of Formula 1. Of course, this puts extra pressure on him, but surely Mick will try to deal with it and succeed in his goals.