Horner believes Mercedes is protesting because they see Red Bull as a threat

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Horner believes Mercedes is protesting because they see Red Bull as a threat

Red Bull F1 team boss Christian Horner says Mercedes ’protest against their car only shows that world champions see them as a threat, but he didn’t expect them to put so much energy into it. Red Bull is fighting for the title for the first time since 2013, and Mercedes is facing the toughest title fight in its history after dominating most of the period since 2014 and winning all seven double titles.

Verstappen is eight points behind leaders Hamilton after 11 races while Red Bull is 12 points behind Mercedes although they have 50% more wins (6: 4) due to just five points in the last two races at Silverstone and Hungaroring (Mercedes scored 61 points) ).

In addition to the fight on the track, Mercedes and Red Bull are also leading a big political fight behind the scenes, so Red Bull found itself under a magnifying glass due to its flexible rear wing, which led to a new technical directive at the French GP.

The FIA ​​has also issued two directives related to tire pressure and stop speed in boxing, which is not yet on the track, and Adrian Newey says he has never seen this level of lobbying against a team in his F1 career.

Horner agrees with him, saying that Mercedes' behavior only shows that they see them as a threat. “They put a lot of energy into it, more than you would expect,” Horner said. "I think it just shows that they see us as a threat.

And I think you're doing something right if people start pointing fingers at you. " “We have obviously benefited from the continuity and transfer of components. I think that our correlation has become good, that we can understand where our problems are and solve them.

” "I think that was a key element, at least for the first six months of this year."

Rule change

Due to a major rule change for 2021 around the dimensions of the floor in front of the rear wheels, all cars lost downforce compared to last season, especially Mercedes and Aston Martin which have a lower floor slope, and Horner says they feared they would lose more ahead of the season.

. “We were actually concerned that the rule change would have a big impact on cars with a high floor slope,” Horner said. "But I think it's a combination of things, that we were able to understand some of our problems and solve a lot of them, and that's how we got a more complete package."

“All this in combination with Honda’s earlier introduction of the engine which was planned for 2022, which was a big undertaking on their part. That allowed us to put everything together properly. ”