Alonso: ‘I would beat the young self with one hand’

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Alonso: ‘I would beat the young self with one hand’

Fernando Alonso reiterated his desire to become the most complete rider in the history of motorsport and believes that age is not a problem for him as motorsport is not like other sports which is why he believes he would easily beat his younger self.

Alonso returned after two years outside of Formula 1, and although he struggled in the first few races he managed to return close to his 100%, as evidenced by six consecutive points in the last six races. Although his teammate Ocon won the last race, Alonso was also one of the stars of the race after keeping Hamilton in a much faster Mercedes for ten laps, thus dispelling any doubts as to whether he is as good as before.

"This is not the Tour de France, this is not the Olympics, this is not football when you are at the peak of your performance at the age of 23," Alonso told Autosport. “If I were racing against myself at 23, I would win with one hand, you know, it’s not the same,” explained Alonso, who turned 23 in the summer of 2004.

“It’s not a matter of you being faster the younger you are, so the stopwatch doesn’t work in motorsport. There are people who want to see new names, they want to see new hopes, they want to get rid of some of the normal names they see every weekend.

” "But I see myself in racing for a long time. If it's in F1, great, if it's not F1, I'll try to chase some of the remaining challenges outside of F1, to hopefully become the most complete driver in motorsport ever.

Technical regulations

Alonso turned 40 on the eve of the weekend in Hungary, on July 29, and with Raikkonen, he became the second driver of the current F1 drivers to be more than 40 years old. Ahead of a completely new technical regulation for 2022, which should produce cars that will be able to be monitored more closely and race better, Alonso believes that no one has any idea where it is compared to the competition and that we will see many surprises when new cars are introduced.

“We’re working on a project for next year, but it’s still very early and no one knows what the numbers are because you have nothing to compare yourself to,” he said. "We are all a bit realistic and we are waiting for the second month because then we will see a lot of surprises when everyone shows their cars.