Max’s outburst brought Hamilton and Mercedes into a stronger position

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Max’s outburst brought Hamilton and Mercedes into a stronger position
Max’s outburst brought Hamilton and Mercedes into a stronger position (Provided by Sport World News)

Max Verstappen lost his composure in the last race of the first part of the season, at a press conference for the Hungarian Grand Prix, while Hamilton shrugged, showing that the seven-time champion is in a stronger position, according to Nice Rosberg.

The clash at the British Grand Prix with an incident that quickly turned into a war of words between Red Bull and Mercedes, Hamilton, and Verstappen was followed with great interest after qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Starting with Hamilton as the pole position winner and Verstappen, who was third - Tom Clarkson asked the main protagonists for the title how he would handle another fight in the first lap. Verstappen snapped, “Can we stop this already!

We've had so many fuc*ing questions about this. That's just ridiculous. " "Honestly, we've been answering stupid shit all Thursday, so can we stop that? We are runners, we will race, "the Dutchman added at the time. The driver of the Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton did not say a word, just shrugged Rosberg thinks that was the best answer that the current world champion could give.

"I would say if you look at the big scheme of things, Mercedes now has an advantage in everything - pace, posture, attitude in everything," the former world champion told Sky F1. "Max Verstappen, we saw him at a press conference losing his composure, yelling at reporters and it's really going to Mercedes at the moment."


"(Lewis) is very smart.

He knows how to deal with situations that are imposed on him. He is very smart in the press to say the right things, "he explains. "Verstappen got lost when a journalist asked if he would collide again in the first corner. Verstappen was shouting, and Lewis just shrugged, and that was his position of strength, ”Rosberg assures.

Hamilton finished second in the Hungarian Grand Prix, following the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel, while Verstappen scored just 2 points after his RB16B suffered great damage due to the chaos caused by Valtteri Bottas.

Hamilton went to the summer break with an eight-point advantage over second-placed Verstappen, and these two drivers are expected to fight fiercely for the title in the second part of the season as well. For now, Verstappen is showing his inexperience and his competitive spirit, which he cannot hide.

Hamilton is as we have already said very experienced and knows how to deal with these situations. Still, he is aware that he has gained a small advantage but which is very easily achievable