Netflix's documentary about Schumacher will make many people cry!


Netflix's documentary about Schumacher will make many people cry!
Netflix's documentary about Schumacher will make many people cry!

Mick Schumacher talks about an emotional documentary about his father, of which he is a part, which will be published on Netflix. Netflix will release a documentary about the life and career of Michael Schumacher, with the title of his last name with the full support of the family.

Now his son, Mick, carries the same initials in his first F1 season. Although the junior Ferrari driver has a bright future ahead, his debut with Haas has so far had no success with the team struggling at the back. Netflix is ​​used to making fascinating documentaries, and after a successful three seasons of Drive To Survive, they continue with "Schumacher".

Netflix says the series will include "rare interviews and never-before-seen archive material," which should enchant viewers. Collaborators include FIA ​​President and former Ferrari boss Jean Todt, former F1 rights owner Bernie Ecclestone, former racing rivals David Coulthard, Mika Hakkinen, and Damon Hill, former Benetton boss Flavio Briatore, Michael's manager Sabine Kehm, and many others Netflix also interestingly says that it is painful to point out that some of the hard truths from Schumacher’s story will not be avoided.

Vanessa Nocker, who co-produced and directed the documentary, said that "the biggest challenge for directors was certainly to find a balance between independent reporting and consideration for the family."

Mick Schumacher

There will also be Mick Schumacher in the documentary, who talks about emotional value.

"I will be a part of it, I was interviewed for it. There’s a lot to look at, which I’m looking forward to. It will be a very special documentary, and I think it will be emotional for everyone who watches it, ”says Mick.

You can definitely understand emotions from the perspective of a young German in the midst of his father’s suffering. A look back at his glorious career and life will be further emotional, and sometimes even difficult given the circumstances for Mick and his family.

Despite this, he remains excited about it. The date of realization is September 15, and when asked if he has already seen the documentary: Schumacher noted that he has only seen "parts of it" so far. So he clearly likes what he has already seen, and it is known that it was made together with the family and that he has the seal of approval.

It is not known how long Mick will be with his father in the documentary, but it will be a good look at a person in a sport dominated by his father, who redefined what it is like to be a race driver and break almost any record he could break.