Binotto is pleased with Leclerc and Sainz

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Binotto is pleased with Leclerc and Sainz

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto assures that the good performance shown by Carlos Sainz in his first months for the Italian team did not surprise him at all, adding that their driving lineup gives hope for the future. Scuderia studied the Spaniard closely, and Binotto knew he would not regret signing him.

According to the 51-year-old, Carlos is exactly what Ferrari wanted The head of the team from Maranello is happy that they can count on the Spaniard's position in the team, and he is delighted with his quick integration into the lineup, but also with his understanding of the car.

"Carlos did not surprise me. Before we signed him, we analyzed his skills: he is concrete, brings views to the team, and is lucid in communicating with engineers. The car integrates better and better, ”said Binotto in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Moreover, after these first months of adjustment, he expects much more from Sainz. As the driver has already said, you just need to put together the perfect weekend. "I hope that in the second part of the season they will be able to put together a perfect weekend, without mistakes in qualifying, at the start or in the race," he added.


On the other hand, Binotto is also pleased with Charles Leclerc’s progress. He is convinced that this driver lineup will be an important weapon in the future. Leclerc has also proven to be a great driver who could be a great future for Ferrari.

Binotto of course has not forgotten Leclerc, who is one of the greatest potentials in Formula 1. He thinks that huge progress is noticeable and that Leclerc can do much more, but unfortunately, he had many accidents this season, which prevented him from achieving a better result.

"Charles, whom we already knew, grew up at our academy. We do not doubt his abilities, "he explains. "Without the incidents in the qualifiers in Monte Carlo and at the start in Hungary, where he was also unlucky, he would have won second place.

His racing vision and tire management are improving. He has great potential. " "Both drivers are talented, fast and young, a guarantee for the future. The way they work together, with their personality, gives me hope for the future, ”concluded Binotto.

And it really has to be admitted that Ferrari has a great driving lineup, but it will take time for this team to reach its full potential, but this season they are a threat to many teams.