Wolff compared the rivalry with Red Bull to the fights with Ferrari

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Wolff compared the rivalry with Red Bull to the fights with Ferrari

Toto Wolff compared this year’s title fight between Mercedes and Red Bull to the rivalry the German team had in 2018 and 2019 with Ferrari. Although Mercedes has dominated Formula 1 since 2014, Ferrari ‘threatened’ them in 2017, 2018, and to some extent in 2019, when the Italian team was their biggest rival.

After 10 seasons in 2018, Ferrari was leading the constructors ’standings with 20 points ahead of Mercedes, while Sebastian Vettel was 8 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the drivers’ standings. As a year earlier, Hamilton and Mercedes were without competition in the second part of the season and celebrated the title.

In 2019, Ferrari had a fast car again and had the highest pole position that season (9), but in races, they often could not match Mercedes, so the Hamilton-Mercedes combination again came to the title with a convincing advantage.

Intense season

Wolff compared the current title fight, in which Red Bull seriously ‘blows their necks’ (Verstappen and Red Bull were leading before the UK Grand Prix, where Hamilton kicked him out of the race at the start), and explained how it affects his team.

"The last few months have been very intense. We had a very good period at the beginning of spring and we were very fast in Portugal and Spain, but then we had some very bad races, starting with Monaco and Baku (Red Bull tied 5 wins from Monaco).

" "But we somehow found a connection again, we learned, we discovered how our car behaves on new tires and I think we were much better in Britain and Hungary." "This season is very intense, but it was also 2018 and especially 2019 when we fought with Ferrari.

There were very difficult moments. We pushed the boundaries and pressed each other to the breaking point to win the title, ”Wolff said. Mercedes is currently leading in both championships, but Wolff points out that they are still behind Red Bull in terms of clean performance.

"Hopes are one thing, expectations are something completely different. I think we are a hunter and we approach this with a smile. We have nothing to lose because we are behind our competitors and we must continue to win, we must continue this journey, we must enjoy every moment, give our best and we hope that will be enough to be in the title fight until the very end, " Totto Wolff concluded.