Marko is furious because of Bottas' mistake

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Marko is furious because of Bottas' mistake

Helmut Marko says he was "more than furious" at the last race for the Hungarian Grand Prix after a mistake by Valtteri Bottas at the start where both Red Bull cars were damaged. In wet conditions, Bottas braked too late in the first turn of Hungarorin, so he hit Lando Norris directly and ‘sent’ McLaren to Max Verstappen, after which the Finn hit Sergio Perez.

The Mexican was forced to give up due to the damage suffered, while the Dutchman managed to continue, but his car was in poor condition due to which he could not go further than ninth place. It was the second time in two races that Red Bull had lost a large number of potential points due to contact with Mercedes, and Marko was not happy about it.

"Of course I was more than angry," Marko told Newstalk ZB. "Another Mercedes driver who eliminated both of our cars. The damage to Perez's car was great, the engine was broken. " "We managed to fix Max's car to continue the race, but it was absolutely uncompetitive.

This was the second weekend in a row that a Mercedes car knocked us out. We lost the leading position in both championships - very frustrating, "he added. "Everyone has to do their job now. To win the title you need to win points and finish (races).

That's why we need to focus on the next races. "

Verstappen could win

On the race weekend before the Hungarian Grand Prix, Verstappen was the favorite to win after taking the victory in the qualifying sprint race at Silverstone, but that was not the case in Budapest with Mercedes looking stronger than Red Bull.

Since it was raining at the start, Marko believes that the Dutchman could have won there as well, and therefore suffers the loss of two potential victories. "We were competitive in Britain and we won the sprint race there.

If Hamilton hadn't eliminated us, we would have won. This is shown by our simulations, "he assures. "We were not so competitive in Hungary. Max was about two-tenths slower than Lewis. However, it was raining at the start, and Max is one of the best rain drivers, so he looked good even then.

" "Then there was a boom again, two Red Bull cars knocked out Mercedes in the first corner. So, we were very competitive for two races, but it should be a fair fight, not a coincidence, "said Helmut Marko.