Scumacher believes mistakes will help him

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Scumacher believes mistakes will help him

Haas F1 Team driver Mick Schumacher emphasized his belief that mistakes are important in his first season of the premier class because that’s how lessons are learned, while he expects a difficult continuation of the season.

The young German missed the qualifications in the last race precisely because of a mistake in the third free practice, which cost him to watch the competition for the best starting position from the garage. The driver of the American team, before the Hungarian GP, ​​also missed the qualifications.

This time it was on a street track in Monaco, where even the slightest carelessness costs further participation. Both Schumacher and his teammate Nikita Mazepin were involved in incidents during his first season in Formula 1.

However, the 22-year-old assures that mistakes will benefit him for the rest of his career. “Overall, I think I’m pretty happy with the first part of the season,” Schumacher says. "Obviously, it's quite difficult because we knew it would be difficult for us to fight for points, but I had to enter the second qualifying round.

That's my big highlight. " "It is important for me to make a mistake because one learns from mistakes, "he added.

Difficult season

Schumacher expects a difficult continuation of the season After the last race in the first part of the current season, which was driven for the Hungarian Grand Prix, the German had a great performance with which he achieved the best result so far - 12th place, he believes that the second part will be much harder.

It was known at the start of the 2021 season that Haas did not intend to spend money on upgrades to this year’s car, as they immediately turned to 2022, making it largely impossible for them to take other teams more seriously.

"It's hard, but we still have to see it in a way that even with a car that doesn't upgrade, we managed to get into the second qualifying round, so we're fighting for those little moments." "Let's hope that we will be able to have better weekends and that we must accept weekends that will be worse for us," concluded Mick Schumacher.

Schumacher is aware that he will not have an easy task in the continuation of the season, but his team is optimistic and believes that they can reach the desired goal. Given the competition, Schumacher and his colleague will do their best, and it remains for us to see how much Haas can do this season