Rosberg: 'Wolff making Red Bull look like the bad guys"

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Rosberg: 'Wolff making Red Bull look like the bad guys"

Nico Rosberg says Mercedes boss Toto Wolff wins the political fight against Red Bull boss Christian Horner - making them look like bad people. This season, not only Lewis Hamilton against Max Verstappen and Mercedes against Red Bull, but also Wolff against Horner, was also a key battle in the first part of the season - which occasionally became the main event of Formula 1.

Team bosses exchanged verbal blows throughout the season, and the final chapter was at the Hungarian Grand Prix: Horner rejected Wolff’s apology after another incident, which came from a Mercedes car. This time, Valtteri Bottas made a mess on the track in Hungaroring, where he knocked out several cars from the race - both Red Bulls were in them - which reduced the chances for the Austrian team to try to achieve a good result.

But even though Mercedes did the damage, the 2016 world champion believes his former boss is still doing a great job of making Red Bull the villain in this fascinating title story. "Management is key, and Toto has managed it very well," Rosberg told Sky F1.

"He really makes Red Bull look more and more like bad people trying to protest and all that stuff," explains the former Mercedes driver. "He's super smart at playing media games, but also internally - really, turning everything around to try to beat them."

Red Bull and Mercedes

As for Red Bull, Rosberg thinks that they were not as "smart" as Wolff and Mercedes, and he thinks that they had a bad time because of that.

He adds that Hamilton and Mercedes have a big advantage. "I'd say he might not be so smart and good in the last few races," Rosberg continued. "It wasn't ideal, and maybe it prompted Max to make that outburst (qualifiers press conference) in the media." "So Christian is not ideal, Max is not ideal and he puts you in an awkward position.

Then, there is no best result in the qualifications. Max's car had a higher pace. Everything agrees and I would definitely say that Hamilton and Mercedes have a big advantage. " Rosberg also feels that Verstappen is revealing how it is now really to be considered a favorite for the title, not just an emerging world champion.

"I also wouldn't underestimate how difficult it is for Max to be the favorite to win the title for the first time in his life. The pressure is only growing, and that is difficult to control. " "We also have to remember that he is still very young, even though he has worked for seven years in Formula 1, so we could see some moments where that affects him a bit," Nico Rosberg is clear.