Domenicalli on sprint race: "Positive reactions, third test in Brazil"

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Domenicalli on sprint race: "Positive reactions, third test in Brazil"

Formula 1 did the first test of the new format of the racing weekend at Silverstone, which includes a qualifying race, and Stefano Domenicali points out that the reactions are positive from all sides and announces that along with Monza, sprint qualifications will be tested at Interlagos.

The Formula 1 leadership expresses great satisfaction with the race weekend at Silverstone. The UK Grand Prix was the first exam of the new format with the classic qualifiers on Friday, the qualifying sprint race on Saturday and the main race on Sunday.

It has been known for some time that the second test of this format will be done at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, and the third has not yet been officially confirmed, but the CEO of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, revealed that the same should happen at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Of course, the calendar of the final part of the season could still undergo certain changes, depending on the pandemic situation. “When we talk about the format with the sprint race, the idea was to offer something different, something new.

We said we wanted three tests - the first was done at Silverstone, the second will be at Monza, and the third at the end of the season in Brazil." "When those tests are over, we will make a plan and decide what our next step will be.

” "What can I say now, the reaction to the first sprint event at Silverstone - from drivers, teams, media representatives, was really positive." "Also from the promoter because something new could be seen every day.

People rushed to the track on Friday, really immersed in the first qualifiers. " "The outcome of that first weekend was dramatically positive and it is great that it attracted the attention, the interest of TV companies and our partners, so we can say that the financial impact was positive," said Domenicali.

Next step

Although the CEO of Formula 1 says that the next steps will be decided when those three test racing weekends are over, it is obvious that there are already plans for next season. Those who oppose the introduction of change and demand the retention of the current system will find it difficult to win this battle.

“We will have a complete debriefing at the end of the season. Of course, we have a plan for the future and we are developing it, perfecting it after some comments that we have already received." "If we were to go in that direction in the future, the new format would not be for every race.

We have ideas on how to create a special format for certain historic Grand Prix races. We are ready to prepare a proposal after three events that could lead to some big steps and a different future for Formula 1 ", said Domenicali.