F1 want sprint races on historic tracks

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F1 want sprint races on historic tracks

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says the premier class plans to focus on having sprint qualifying races held at places where historic races have been held since the 2022 season. Domenicali also gave the first official indications that the third sprint race of the current season will be held in Interlagos, after the first test in Silverstone, while the second is scheduled for Monza.

Although Brazil has long been scheduled for a third qualifying sprint race, F1 has backed away from formal confirmation, as doubts remain in the second part of the calendar, as other venues have also shown interest in holding a ‘mini race’.

The Italian also unveiled a new special award offered by sponsor F1 Crypto.com, a supporter of the sprint event, to be announced later this month. “First of all, when we talk about the sprint format, the idea was to offer something different to make sure there was something new we could offer to all stakeholders in F1,” says Domenicali.

"We said we wanted to do three tests, one was done in Silverstone, the other will be in Monza - and the other (last) will be at the end of the season in Brazil. At the end of this complete test, we will have a plan to see what the next step will be.


Positive reactions

"What I can already say is that after the first sprint event in Silverstone, the response we have, from drivers, from teams, from the media, has been really positive - also for the promoter, because if you think so: we had something new to say." "People who came to the track on Friday were really satisfied with the first qualifications on Friday.

So, the outcome of the first event was dramatically positive - if I may say so. " "It's great because it caused the attention, the interest of the television: but also the partners because it brought us to Crypto.com, for example - so we've already seen that our financial impact is positive." Domenicali made it clear that there are no plans to introduce a qualifying sprint race for every racing weekend, as some places are considered unsuitable.

"We will have a full report, if I may say so, at the end of the season," he added. "Of course, we have a plan for the future, we are developing it, we are refining (after) some of the comments we received." "What I can say is that if in the future we move as we should in that direction, it will not be every race.

We have ideas on creating a special format for certain historical tracks and certain special awards that we want to offer, and add to the already incredible F1 platform, ”said Stefano Domenicali.