Wolff: "Bottas' mistake will not affect our decision"

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Wolff: "Bottas' mistake will not affect our decision"

By misjudging the braking for the first corner after the start of the Hungarian GP, ​​Valtteri Bottas did enormous damage to himself and other teams. The Finn said that this should not affect Mercedes' decision on the driver's lineup for 2022, and this is confirmed by team boss Toto Wolff.

It is a well-known fact that Mercedes should decide in the near future who will be Lewis Hamilton's teammate in 2022. The dilemma is also clear, the former faithful servant Valtteri Bottas or the young, success-hungry George Russell.

In the last race before the summer break, and probably before the decision was made because there were certain announcements that the issue would be resolved before the rest of the season, Bottas did not celebrate. Already on braking for the first corner, he made a huge mistake and caused a collision of as many as four cars.

While many will say he actually did his team a favor by knocking both Red Bulls out of the fight for the top spot, it is certain that Mercedes expects a slightly higher standard of driving from their drivers, instead of such beginner mistakes.

Wolff about collision

Still, Toto Wolff stresses that this mistake will not affect the final decision, just as Valtteri said a few days ago. "No, it was an unfortunate mistake with great consequences. He found himself in a sandwich of two cars, lost thrust force, and then it was already too late.

That case will not affect our decision in any way. " "The start was difficult for Valtteri. His wheels spun into the void at the starting position, then he found himself in a sandwich before the first corner and missed the braking point."

"A small mistake with big consequences and damage to several cars. I'm sorry about McLaren and Red Bull. Dropping out of the race in such an accident is difficult to accept at the start ", said Toto. At Mercedes, however, they can be very pleased with the outcome of the last two races because they went on a summer break as the leading team in the World Cup.

Still, the team leadership has an important decision to make. The fact that after the race Russell stayed with the team at the Hungaroring to test the new tires for next season may not be entirely unimportant Bottas will have to improve his level, because it is obvious that he has lost his self-confidence and that Mercedes could finish with him.