Bottas believes that one race will not decide his future

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Bottas believes that one race will not decide his future

Valtteri Bottas did not have a good race at the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix, and the question is whether this mistake will affect Mercedes' lead in deciding on the driver for next season. In the qualifiers, Mercedes reserved seats in the front row with Lewis Hamilton in pole position and Valtteri Bottas next to him.

And while the Briton started well and held the leading position at the entrance to the first corner, his teammate created a real mess. The Finn got off to a bad start and quickly lost position to Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and Lando Norris, and then made a big mistake when braking for the first corner - he crashed into Norris, and then McLaren and Mercedes cars cleared both Red Bulls.

For Bottas, Norris, and Perez, that was the end of the race, while Verstappen continued with major damage. "It was my mistake clearly. I was behind and it was up to me to brake early enough, however, I misjudged the braking point.

In the conditions that prevailed, it was not easy to predict something like that, but I should have braked earlier." "When I started to brake, I reached the car in front, the wheels blocked and I hit Lando, and that then caused a real mess.

My misjudgment and my mistake, ”Valtteri commented.

Second driver

Mercedes has previously announced that they will likely decide on a second driver for next season during the summer break. Lewis Hamilton has already signed a contract, and the question is whether his colleague will be Bottas or maybe George Russell finally deserves the opportunity, who finally won the first points with Williams at the Hungarian GP.

Bottas believes his mistake at Hungaroring will not affect the decision of the Mercedes team leadership. "We have not talked about my future for now. I don’t think one race will affect anything, but we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks.

Honestly, it would be nice to race next weekend and try to do a good race, but it’s time for a break." "I will try to come back stronger and have a positive start to the second half of the season ", Bottas announced The next race is at the end of August in Belgium, and Bottas will have to serve a penalty of five places backward on the starting grid, which he received for causing a collision in Hungary. One thing is for sure: Bottas will have to raise his form to a higher level if he wants to stay on the team