Binotto convinced that Ferrari have the strongest driving lineup

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Binotto convinced that Ferrari have the strongest driving lineup
Binotto convinced that Ferrari have the strongest driving lineup (Provided by Sport World News)

Ferrari F1 boss Mattia Binotto believes his team has the strongest driver line-up in Formula 1, and he is delighted that both drivers can still progress. After the disastrous 2020, Ferrari hit back and already have more points than last season, and although none of the two pole positions this season turned into a win, Leclerc was very close at Silverstone before Hamilton overtook him three laps before the end.

Binotto is pleased with the way Sainz has fitted into the team and has been relatively close in speed to Leclerc of which he has three points more after 11 races. "I'm very happy for several reasons," Binotto said. "The first thing is that I think we have the best driver lineup in all of F1." "The other thing is that we know Charles is a fantastic driver, very talented, but he keeps getting better and I'm pretty happy with that." "He had great chances to win, the first was in Monaco, but for reasons, we know it didn't happen." Leclerc qualified in seventh place in Hungary after Sainz crashed in Q2 and started 15th, but ironically, it was this that allowed him to survive a chain collision at the start of the race that eliminated Leclerc in the first lap while Sainz eventually won the podium due to Vettel's disqualification.


Thanks to 15 points from Hungary, Sainz has 83 points, three more than Leclerc, and they are the most balanced driving pair after Alpine drivers (Alonso has 97.4% of Ocon points while Leclerc has 96.4% of Sainz points).

"On the other hand, I think Carlos fits in very well with the team," Binotto added. “He’s improving from race to race, he’s a great reference for Charles, he puts pressure on him when conditions are tough.

And the fact that they both have about 80 points shows how important it is to have two good drivers for the construction championship. I'm very happy about that. " "Looking ahead, I think these two drivers will give us great pleasure." Ferrari, thanks to Sainz's 15 points and McLaren's first non-scoring points this season, equaled McLaren in third place in the constructors' standings with 163 points.

Unlike Ferrari drivers, McLaren drivers have very unevenly distributed points among themselves - Ricciardo (50 points) scored only 44.2% of Norris points (113). Ferrari is expected to continue the season even more furiously and they really have a good chance for a good placement this season, it is only necessary that they are at the same level