Lando Norris frustrated by the drivers from "top"


Lando Norris frustrated by the drivers from "top"
Lando Norris frustrated by the drivers from "top"

Lando Norris says he expected a little more from top-ranked drivers after Valtteri Bottas hit him in the back end at the start of the Hungarian GP and caused a chain collision in which several drivers severely damaged their cars.

Norris qualified for sixth place, but with a great start he caught up and overtook Bottas on the inside, who started second and was behind Hamilton, Verstappen and Perez. But Bottas misjudged the braking point on the wet track and hit Norris hard in the back, causing Norris to hit Perez and Bottas Verstappen.

Norris says Bottas apologized, but that he expected a higher standard of driving from top-ranked drivers. “We’re all in Formula 1 for a reason, because we’re good drivers and we know when to brake, how to assess brake zones and so on,” said Norris, who gave up in Hungary for the first time this season.

"Especially if it's wet and especially in the first lap of the race." Norris seemed frustrated by the approach of some drivers who were obviously to blame for many things. “But it is obvious that some have completely missed the braking point.

It's annoying because you expect a little more when you race with top drivers. ” "But also they don't race as often, they're pretty often alone on the track and they're not in someone's dirty air like we are [in the middle of the order]." "That's why they may not have that much experience in it and need to learn a little more about it."

Bottas apologized

Bottas was obviously aware of his mistake and decided to apologize after the race.

Still, Norris was so annoyed, that even an apology from Bottas was not enough to prevent his frustration. “He said he was sorry,” Norris commented on Bottas ’reaction when they met after the collision. "Of course it doesn't change anything, but he should be punished.

I was punished against Perez [in Austria], and this is much more dangerous than someone ending up in gravel. ” Bottas later received five places penalty for the next race in Belgium, just like Stroll who braked too late and hit Leclerc in the first corner.

It is certain that things like this should happen as little as possible in F1, because some drivers do not have understanding and their goal is only to achieve the best possible result. However, as in any sport, there are penalties here that should be much higher and prevent such things from happening.

Lando Norris