Hamilton and Vettel want to promote the rights of the LGBT population

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Hamilton and Vettel want to promote the rights of the LGBT population

Lewis Hamilton praised Sebastian Vettel for wearing the ‘Same Love’ T-shirt before the start of the race in Hungary, in which he wanted to express his support for the LGBTQ + community, for which he later received a warning.

Vettel and Hamilton both talked about the rights of the LGBTQ + community on the eve of the Hungarian Grand Prix, in a country where a law was passed that under the age of 18 may not be educated on these topics, and Vettel wore a rainbow T-shirt with the words 'Same Love'

'for which he later received a reprimand for not taking it off in time before playing the anthem. Sainz, Bottas, and Stroll also received a warning for forgetting to take off their ‘We Race As One t-shirt. Vettel said he would be happy to be disqualified for wearing that shirt and said they could do whatever they wanted to him and he didn’t care.

“I would do it again,” he said. Hamilton praised Vettel’s gesture and found it wonderful that he took a stand this weekend. “I think it’s wonderful that Seb took a stand this weekend and really spoke out for those in the LGBTQ + community here,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton on Vettel's gesture

Hamilton believes that it is the athletes who should be committed to some things and that their voice should be heard far away. He believes that in this way they can change certain things and that the rights of all people should not be questioned nowadays "I talked about it at the beginning of the weekend.

I think it was important for him to do the same. He probably won't get into trouble for that. " "But we have to take a stand. We are committed to diversity and inclusiveness, and that community is 100% involved in that. I'm proud of him for that.

" The EU has launched legal action against Hungary, describing the disputed Hungarian law as "a form of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression". While such moves by both drivers are commendable, most F1 fans disagree with their views and believe that such things should not be present on Formula 1 tracks However, we are aware that nowadays it is through sports that most things are promoted.

Athletes are just the best promoters and ambassadors. We will see if this is the reason for Hungary to change the laws currently in force