Verstappen 'blames' Mercedes for the poor result

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Verstappen 'blames' Mercedes for the poor result
Verstappen 'blames' Mercedes for the poor result (Provided by Sport World News)

Max Verstappen says that he was knocked out by the Mercedes driver for the second race in a row and that this is not what he wanted after his advantage in the driver's standings completely melted away and after Hungary Lewis Hamilton is the new leader in the standings.

Verstappen qualified for third place behind two Mercedes, but at the start, he was the victim of Bottas ’late braking that hit Norris and caused a chain reaction in which Verstappen severely damaged his Red Bull RB16B.

The damage was so big that the mechanics couldn’t do much to make up for the lost aerodynamic parts behind the front right wheel so the Dutchman barely managed to finish tenth which became ninth place after Vettel’s disqualification.

"Mercedes kicked me out again, that's not what you want," Verstappen said. "You could see that Valtteri completely missed the braking point and caused a major collision." "After that, I missed the whole side of the car and the whole area behind the front wheel, the floor was also damaged so it was almost impossible to drive, to be honest." "I still tried everything I could and I won at least one point, but of course that's not what we want."


Due to the consequences of the collision at Silverstone, Honda had to give Verstappen a third engine after qualifying, which is the last copy he can use before he gets a 10-seat penalty, and if the second engine cannot be used again, it will have to introduce a fourth engine given that only 11 of 23 races have passed.

"It's disappointing," he said. "I know that when we start racing again, I will be there again. I will do my best and hope that my car will be competitive. But we'll see. " “There are a lot of weird events that have cost us a lot of points.

They are very fast, of course, but we will focus on ourselves, keep pushing and see where we end up. ” Although it looked like Verstappen could be at the top for a long time, it looks like he will have a difficult task to win the championship.

Hamilton raised his form, and at the moment we are left to watch a tough fight between the two top drivers. The season has never been more interesting, and the best example is the race in Hungary where big surprises happened. We will see if Hamilton's experience will ultimately decide in the final standings