Alpine's team demonstrated unity!

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Alpine's team demonstrated unity!

Esteban Ocon paid tribute to teammate Fernando Alonso for his role in helping him take his first Formula 1 victory in Sunday’s race for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Ocon took a surprising win for Alpine in a tense race at the Hungaroring, taking advantage of the chaos in the first lap of the race and going to the box to pick up dry tires, instead of going to the standard starting procedure.

The Frenchman took the victory with 1.8 seconds ahead of Sebastian Vettel. Alonso’s efforts kept Lewis Hamilton’s visibly faster Mercedes through as many as 10 laps. Hamilton was 3 seconds faster than the others.

Lewis eventually passed Alonso for fourth, and two laps later Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz for third. It is the first victory for the Enstone-based team since Alonso won the Japan Grand Prix at Fuji in 2008, and the first for a Renault-powered car from Mexico in 2018.

Ocon on Alonso

After the race, Ocon paid tribute to the team and Alonso's help and received a standing ovation from the stands: “What a moment, what a moment! It feels so good. This is the first victory since the Renault Group returned to Formula 1.

This season we had a few difficult moments that we overcame and we came back with great results in Silverstone. ” “And today, what can I say? That's fantastic. Congratulations to Fernando as well, because I think the win was also achieved with the fights he did.

It's a team effort, I think this was a fantastic day. " Alonso could hardly wait to meet Ocon at the parc ferme and congratulate him, and Ocon said they formed a dangerous duo together. "We work together, we make the team try to improve and get closer to the teams ahead.

Everyone told me a lot about Fernando before I came, but, everything is fine. I can tell you that he is a fantastic guy who works and I really enjoy working together, ”said Ocon. Ocon thanked the team for the trust they gave him and for helping him in difficult times.

This will be an additional motive for Alpine and Ocon to continue with such results, although it will have too difficult a task given the dominant Mercedes and Red Bull, which are always the main favorites. This time they stumbled, but there is little chance that something like this will happen again. Yet Alpine is full of confidence and we are sure to watch many more good races from them