Alonso taught Hamilton the racing line in Hungary

“Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep him for more than a lap or two"

by Sead Dedovic
Alonso taught Hamilton the racing line in Hungary

Fernando Alonso says that in ten laps as he fought with Lewis Hamilton, he taught the world champion new racing lines in the last few corners that helped him later overtake Carlos Sainz. Alonso delighted with a fierce defensive run against Hamilton and thus helped teammate Ocon who was then in the lead and tried to keep the faster Vettel at Aston Martin.

Although Hamilton was very close several times in the first, second, and fourth corners, it was only Alonso’s mistake on braking for the first corner that allowed Hamilton to pass and continue the chase for Sainz in Ferrari.

Hamilton soon caught up and overtook Sainz and finished third behind Ocon and Vettel, and almost overtook Vettel and finished less than a second behind him. “Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep him for more than a lap or two, but in the last few turns he’s struggled to follow me,” Alonso said.

"It was enough to build an advantage on the line and defend myself. I think he learned a few different lines in the last three turns after ten laps behind me. He managed to overtake Carlos in just one lap, using those new lines.


Alonso added that the team did not tell him to defend himself particularly fiercely against Hamilton to help Ocon. “The team didn’t tell me anything,” said Alonso, who in the 2007 qualifiers had a controversial clash with Hamilton on this track as they both drove for McLaren.

"I knew that every round I managed to keep gold was worth Esteban's victory." “When I caught up with Sainz I was so confident in the podium, I set the fastest laps, I thought I would overtake him, but then I realized that maybe victory is not possible.

Then I started thinking if I was right behind Carlos with the DRS so I could protect myself from Hamilton and finish fourth. ” Alonso finished fifth, but due to Vettel's disqualification, he was eventually classified as fourth as a result of the season.

Sure, a race like this surprised many, and such a result could not be expected, but Alonso showed that he still has that talent and that he can still match the top drivers. The question is what would happen if Alonso had a car like Hamilton. However, it will be interesting to follow the rest of the season in which there could be more new surprises