Gasly expects a big fight with McLaren and Ferrari

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Gasly expects a big fight with McLaren and Ferrari

The qualifications behind the French driver Pierre Gasly are excellent. At the Hungarian Grand Prix, he managed to take the title of the fastest driver from the "rest of the world", which means fifth place, behind the overwhelming cars of Mercedes and Red Bull.

From the very beginning of the weekend at the Hungaroring, Pierre Gasly has performed very well in his AlphaTauri. He had competitive times in free practice on Friday, when he kept within the top six, but it was still expected that the Ferrari and McLaren drivers could be a bit faster in the qualifiers.

They weren't. Gasly did not allow them to do so, driving a lap of 1: 16,483 in the final qualifying round, which brings him a fifth starting position.


The differences, truth be told, were very small. Lando Norris was only six-thousandths of a second slower, and Charles Leclerc 13 thousandths of a second.

"I must say that I am quite satisfied with that. When I finished the lap and crossed the finish line, I knew it was a lap that would put us in a good position, but I still didn’t expect to be ahead of Lando and Charles.

It's the best position we could have hoped for in the race, right behind the two strongest teams. " "Objectively, we know that Ferrari and McLaren have a higher speed than us in long runs, so we will have to 'throw our elbows' on the track."

"It’s hard to overtake here so we’ll try to play with our cards the best we can. It is important to have a good start and try to use clean air, as it is to be expected that the cars of the top teams will rush forward ", points out Pierre.

After qualifying, Pierre revealed that for this fifth place he should receive an additional award from team boss Franz Tost because he won the bet… “Before qualifying, we played a game of prediction within the team.

I thought we would qualify for eighth place. Franz said at seven and added that if I was eighth, I had to walk back to the hotel. He said I would not be allowed to drive our Honda. ” "I said it was okay, but if I'm sixth - then I get a Ferrari.

That he would find me a Ferrari that I could drive back to the hotel, to which he said he could. Since I was fifth, I might get two Ferraris, ”Gasly joked.