Verstappen: "We didn't want to take a risk with the medium tyres in Q2"

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Verstappen: "We didn't want to take a risk with the medium tyres in Q2"

The rules say that drivers must start the race on those tires with which they drove the fastest lap in the second qualifying round. This rule only applies to those who enter the final qualifying round. Drivers in the fastest cars sometimes try to set the fastest time on medium-hard tires, but just in case, in the very end, they start a fast lap with softer tires and, depending on the need, finish the lap or give it up.

Red Bull drivers failed to drive the fastest lap in the second qualifying round on medium tires but had to do a lap on the soft in the very end because they were not sure of passing to the last qualifying round. In the end, it turned out that Verstappen's lap would be good enough, but Perez's would not.

They did not want to take any risks and in the end, they took the second starting line, and they will start on soft. “It was just because others were on the soft and fixing their times so when my time was really on the verge of entering the top 10 we decided to finish the lap." "In the end, it turned out that we would pass by two, three tenths so I don’t think they would want to risk that much and that’s why they told me to finish the lap.

It is, as it is. Tomorrow we will find out how the tires will behave ", explains Max.

Horner on the race

Soft tires are not ideal for a race strategy due to their rapid degradation, but they will help Verstappen at the start of the race against the two Mercedes in front of him who are on medium.

This is especially important for Max and Red Bull because Max thinks Mercedes is faster than them this weekend. "We were a little behind them and that was shown again in the qualifications. So that's not what we wanted, but still, we are in the third starting position and we will see what we can do.

" The head of the team, Christian Horner, thinks that it is a good thing that they are on a different strategy compared to Mercedes, and he also wanted to start on that component of the tires because he believes that the strategy will bring victory.

“We couldn’t do the same time as Lewis on the medium and we thought maybe tactically it was a different direction. I prefer that tire component to start the race tomorrow so we’ll see." "We have to drive the offensive race tomorrow. You know how hard it is to overtake here so strategy will be key, ”he told Sky.