Norris: "We're struggling like never before"

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Norris: "We're struggling like never before"

It is a common thing for McLaren drivers to take slightly weaker places in free practice than they really belong to, but in the second free practice for the Hungarian Grand Prix, it was only the ninth time that worried Lando Norris.

On that occasion, he stayed behind both Alpine, Gasly in AlphaTauri, and Vettel in Aston Martin, followed by Ferrari drivers and his teammate Ricciardo. "It was not very nice. I mean, it's not that bad, I'm still lucky to drive a Formula 1 car, but when you're already in it, you want to feel comfortable, really press that car, and in these conditions, you can't really do that ", the Briton began his analysis on the first day.

“It doesn’t feel particularly good, but we’re still here somewhere with our rivals, it’s not that we’re far behind in speed. There are some things we need to work on, concentrate on and then try again.

" "I would say this was our hardest second training. We are not extraordinary in training, but we never bother like this. ” “Alpine was very fast, AlphaTauri was very fast. The Ferrari may be a little slower than we expected, I thought they would be really good here, so I don’t know."

" We expect to be a little better. Entering Q3 is the main goal, especially because on this track the result strongly depends on the qualifications. Saturday is a big day, ”says Norris.


One additional unknown for Saturday and Sunday is the weather conditions.

Forecasts say the chances of rain are not negligible, and Norris is aware that this could change power relations considerably. As for his teammate, a similar story. Daniel Ricciardo was 13th in the second free practice, standard slower than Lando.

This time in four-tenths of a second. "It was a little better in the afternoon than in the morning, when we were two or three steps behind everyone. I would say we took one step this afternoon, but we definitely need to take at least one more to be in a solid position on Saturday.

” “The temperature of the track plays a big role, it makes things difficult for all of us. It was about 60 ° and that’s maybe even a record track temperature." "Of course it puts the tires under a lot of stress and that's why you don't feel very good in the car.

" "Friday was the hottest day of the weekend, and even if it won't rain, it should be a bit colder for the next two days and I hope it will be a boost for us," said the Australian.