Tsunoda revealed how Silverstone helped him

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Tsunoda revealed how Silverstone helped him

Alpha Tauri’s new driver, Yuki Tsunoda, is having a tough season in terms of qualifying. His teammate Pierre Gasly, unlike the Japanese, has great results in qualifying and regularly enters the final qualifying round.

At Silverstone, none of the Alpha Tauri drivers were satisfied with the classic qualifiers due to poor car settings. But for Tsunoda, after a frustrating sprint race, the main race was learning how to save tires. In an interview with Motorsport.com, when asked what the race was like, he replied: “I think I was very good when it came to saving the tires.

I think I saved too many tires in Austria and that's why I was too slow. " “I tried to fix it for Silverstone and in the first stint I pressed almost to the end and especially in the second stint when I switched to hard tires, but with a little more tire storage and that was good.

So I will learn from that experience and use it in the future. "

Tough weekend

Tsunoda eventually managed to happily win one point at the British Grand Prix thanks to a twist by Kimi Raikkonen and a flat tire of Gasly "I was happy to win a point.

In the last three or five rounds, the position has changed a lot. But the overall different format made it harder, one free practice and then immediately the qualifications I never experienced at Silverstone. " “It was a pretty tough racing week.

And because of the traffic, I had awkward qualifications and I couldn't drive the right lap, but in the end, we managed to win the point we wanted, so I'm happy. " Apart from poor qualifications and car settings, learning about saving tires, the new format of the racing weekend, young Tsunoda also had problems following the car in front of him, that is, driving in dirty air.

"Driving in the fresh air is very good. In the fresh air, I had a pretty neutral car balance, but as soon as I got into the dirty air I had a pretty erratic balance and struggled to drive properly. We have to work hard to have more overtaking or something, and that's the biggest limitation right now.

" "I focused on saving tires. I had a lot of confidence around saving tires at Silverstone so I tried to stick to the plan and I expected it to be hard to keep track of the car in front so I tried to keep the tires as much as possible."

"When I was in the fresh air, I tried to put as much pressure as I could and that was very good for the strategy, especially the first stint, ”Tsunoda concluded.