Webber believes that F1 should allow more duels between Verstappen and Hamilton

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Webber believes that F1 should allow more duels between Verstappen and Hamilton
Webber believes that F1 should allow more duels between Verstappen and Hamilton (Provided by Sport World News)

According to former Red Bull driver Mark Webber, Formula 1 should not do anything that could affect the fierce rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The Australian has called on F1 to accept the rivalry between its two biggest stars and the growing tensions between Mercedes and Red Bull, especially after the controversial clash at Silverstone.

Hamilton then earned a ten-second penalty for his role in the incident, which resulted in Verstappen giving up the race. However, Hamilton managed to win the British Grand Prix that weekend. This provoked fiery reactions in Red Bull: Christian Horner accused Hamilton of dirty driving, while Helmut Marko even asked for Hamilton to be banned from competing in one race.

During a media call related to the women’s racing W Series, Webber was asked if Formula 1 should intervene and stop the escalation of that rivalry. His answer was a clear and loud no. Webber hopes to see more intense wheel-to-wheel action in the future.

"That was brilliant. That is exactly what we want. I think it was one of the best first laps in a very long time. This was being prepared [for some time], they already had great wheel-to-wheel fights - in Barcelona, ​​Imola, and Bahrain.

We all knew something like this was going to happen. Give us more. The feeling at Silverstone was simply extraordinary. It was one of the best races I’ve been to in a very long time: the fans, 120,000 of them there on Sunday; two big guys in the front row.

"It was a great first lap - they barely escaped on the way out of the first corner, they were wheel to wheel on the way to Brooklands, and then apparently Lewis made an attempt at Copse and it didn't quite work out. "

Max at top

Winning the Grand Prix of Great Britain and giving up for Verstappen brought the fight closer in the overall standings - Max is at the top with only eight points advantage.

Looking ahead to this week’s Hungarian GP, ​​Webber states that Verstappen should have a better car, but as Hamilton has so far proved he can win at the Hungaroring in inferior machinery in the past.

"I think Lewis is magical in Budapest, he is absolutely phenomenal on that track. With the proviso that Max is pretty good [there] too. "I think Red Bull will be strong on that track, so Max could have a standard Red Bull weekend - pole and then just disappear.

Lewis may not even get a chance to try to overtake. "But we'll see. As I said, Hamilton won a lot of races at the Hungaroring in below-average machinery. Races he didn’t have the right to win, but he did. Hamilton will again need to be at his best." "Verstappen is… you know, he's a gladiator. That is exactly what we expect from him. It will be a very good weekend. "