Alonso: "I feel like I'm 25."

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Alonso: "I feel like I'm 25."

Fernando Alonso will celebrate his 40th birthday on Thursday ahead of next F1 weekend at the Hungarian Hungaroring where he achieved his first Formula 1 victory, and the Spaniard says he doesn’t care about his age and feels like he’s 25.

Alonso returned to Formula 1 with Alpine after a two-year break in sports car racing and twice won the prestigious 24h Le Mans race, and on the eve of the start of the season, he suffered a cycling accident and suffered several minor injuries.

Injuries affected Alonso's preparations for the new season and his physical condition to some extent, and a two-year break outside Formula 1 also affected his speed, so Ocon was a faster Alpine driver in the first few races.

Alonso initially pointed out that he needs to improve more than the car and that he expects his season to start in France when he expected to return to full form, which happened and the Spaniard is currently driving in great shape and has scored points in the last five race.

Ahead of the 11th race of the season in Hungary, in which he achieved his first victory in Formula 1 in 2003, Alonso says that he will 'eat some cake' on Thursday, July 29, when he will celebrate his 40th birthday, but that the number of years means nothing to him.

that it matters how he feels.


"I'm going to the solarium, I'm going to get tanned, I'm going to shave and I'm going to look very young," Alonso joked ahead of a weekend in Hungary. “It will be a very normal race, with no change for me.

I feel good." “Honestly, after the accident at the beginning of the year, in the first few races, I was still under the stress of returning to this sport. I was worried about the jaw, but also about the shoulder in which I had a small, small injury.

” “But now, now I’m super ready and I feel at 200%. That is why Hungary is just another number. ” “We will eat some cake, but other than that, it will be a very normal weekend. I feel like I'm 25.

” "Whatever the number in the passport says, it's not what I feel." Alonso won his first title with Renault in 2005, at the age of 25, two races before the end of the season, and in 2006 he became a two-time world champion after coming out as the winner in a fight with Michael Schumacher in equal cars.