Mercedes believes Hamilton and Verstappen could collide again

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Mercedes believes Hamilton and Verstappen could collide again

Mercedes F1 team boss Toto Wolff does not rule out the possibility that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will clash again after their first clash in the last race at Silverstone. After several close clashes between Hamilton and Verstappen, at Silverstone, we saw the first serious clash of the two leading drivers in the championship that resulted in Verstappen giving up as Hamilton managed to win despite a ten-second penalty.

The duo previously fought closely for the lead in the first race of the season in Bahrain, at the start of the second race in Imola, the third race in Portugal, and the fourth race in Spain while Verstappen overtook Hamilton in France on a different strategy after Hamilton did the same to him in Spain.

“I think the intensity of their rivalry will increase after Silverstone,” Wolff told Autosport. "It will certainly not be the last time they fight for a position and I hope they will be able to do it in a sporty way.

And if not, then we will see more collisions. "


Wolff believes that Hamilton and Verstappen have not clashed yet this season because Hamilton has decided to give in several times, such as the clashes in Imola and Barcelona, ​​and that this was the first time that no one wanted to give in and that is why the collision occurred.

“I think part of Lewis’ success is his maturity, not just racing skills, ”Wolff said. "Long-term strategy is important to win the championship because you have to win points." “Now it has come to the point that leaving the place has become common in the last few races.

This time no one gave in and it ended in a severe collision. " “I don’t think Lewis has anything to prove, he won 99 races, he has seven titles. Lewis Hamilton no longer needs to prove anything to anyone. ” Wolff had a difficult situation with Hamilton and Rosberg from 2013 to the end of 2016 as their drivers fought exclusively for the title for three consecutive seasons (2014-2016), and he says the current situation is easier because it is a fight with a driver from another team.

"External situations are easier to deal with, this is far from the controversy we had within the team." "These situations are very difficult to manage because you need both drivers who are in a good place in their head to win the constructors' title and to respect the values ​​of the team and the powerful Mercedes brand."