Mercedes satisfied with the new aero package

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Mercedes satisfied with the new aero package

Mercedes F1 team chief technical officer James Allison says they are pleased with the progress they have made with the new aerodynamic package they tested for the first time at Silverstone and has announced that it will bring a few more minor improvements by the end of the season.

In the last race, which was marked by a controversial collision between Hamilton and Verstappen, Mercedes brought a long-announced aerodynamic package that helped them reduce the gap behind Red Bull, which has moved away in the development of cars in the last few races.

Due to the new weekend format first tested at Silverstone, Mercedes had only one free practice to try out the new package ahead of qualifying, but both drivers kept the new parts for the rest of the weekend. Allison confirmed that they are pleased with the progress that the new package has brought them, which includes numerous details in the area in front and around the sides and on the front of the flooring, and that this is the last big package this season.

“We brought a decent aero package to the track, we definitely saw an improvement in performance and we’re very happy with that,” Allison said. "Whether the jump in performance is a little bigger or a little smaller than we expected is very difficult to say because you don't have the luxury of performing a controlled experiment."

"You can't try out old and new packages several times in a row, each time with new tires, because a racing weekend doesn't give you that luxury."

They feel happy

“Regardless, you can make some comparisons because you are taking measurements on a car with all the sensors and you can compare that to previous weekends and look at the car’s performance before and now.

Everything seems very good. ” “And if you look at the stopwatch, you could see that we have moved forward compared to other teams. We managed to catch up a bit behind Red Bull and had a more competitive weekend. So we came home quite happy with the new package.

” While this track suited Mercedes better than the Red Bull Ring on which the previous two races had been ridden, Hamilton’s fastest qualifying time on Friday showed that Mercedes had indeed improved its speed.

Allison says they will bring a few more minor improvements by the end of the season, but nothing significant because they don’t want to suffer the development of a car for next season that will be designed according to a completely new technical ordinance. “Is there more to come? It could be. But this was the last big package that we will bring this year. ”