Alonso ‘felt like an idiot’ because he followed the rules

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Alonso ‘felt like an idiot’ because he followed the rules

Fernando Alonso explained his comment at Silverstone that he will move to the ‘dark side’ when it comes to his first lap driving and says that this does not involve any dirty driving but driving according to the standards that are obviously allowed in today’s Formula 1.

Alonso delighted in the first sprint race in the history of Formula 1 which he started on soft tires and in the first lap from 11th place to fifth, and later lost two positions to the McLaren driver and finished seventh.

After that race, the Spaniard commented that he was changing his approach and that he had decided to go to the ‘dark side’, which was not correctly interpreted, when in fact he was thinking about the rules regarding respecting the boundaries of the track.

In the second race in Austria, Alonso was on the inside of the first corner in the first lap, but he was overtaken by Leclerc and Ricciardo on the outside, even though they went out of bounds, which the judges did not punish.

“I felt like an idiot because I followed the rules,” Alonso said.


“We tried to talk to race control. We always try to talk about the things people do, but we don’t get a lot of answers. That's weird."

“I’ve always been a clean driver and I always will be, throughout my career,” he commented of his statement that he is moving to the dark side. "But I felt stupid when I was the only one trying to drive that corner[within the limits of the track]."

"We tried to tell the referees - 'look, they play with their hand in the penalty area'," Alonso compared the situation to football. "But if the referee doesn't do anything, then obviously we can play with our hands and we will do that.

We wish we didn't have to. But as some things are allowed in F1 today, let's copy them. " "The strategy in the first few races failed, so we realized that the solution is to do what others do. That's the only thing we can do.

" Alonso was quite frustrated and it looks like things like this will change his performance. After ten races this season, Alonso is in 11th place in the drivers' standings, four points behind Vettel in Aston Martin. Interestingly, Alonso scored points in seven races and Vettel in just three.