Sainz: "Overtaking McLaren on the track proved to be incredibly difficult"

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Sainz: "Overtaking McLaren on the track proved to be incredibly difficult"

Carlos Sainz says this was not the best race for him although the team collectively achieved a very good result and due to the slow tire change the Spaniard was stuck behind Daniel Ricciardo in McLaren which he failed to overtake despite eight laps of newer tires.

Sainz qualified in ninth place, five places behind teammate Leclerc, but in the sprint qualifiers, he lost several positions due to an incident with Russell so he finished in 11th place. But after a penalty for Russell Sainz started tenth, followed Ricciardo in McLaren whom he could not overtake despite a faster car and remained on the track eight laps longer than him.

The Spaniard built enough advantage to get back ahead of the Australian, but due to a slow tire change, he came back behind him again. Despite a faster car and eight laps of newer tires, Sainz failed to threaten Ricciardo whose McLaren was faster in the direction and the Spaniard finished sixth, for the second time this season.

“It wasn’t the best race for me, but overall we achieved a very good result for the team and there are a lot of positive things,” said Sainz who after ten races has 12 points less than Leclerc. “The car was good, the balance too, and our work on the settings paid off.

Two good starts put me in a position to fight Ricciardo, but overtaking McLaren on the track proved to be incredibly difficult. ” "The dirty air in the corners meant I couldn’t get close enough and we were missing some speed on the straight.

When he got into box, my speed in the fresh air was super strong and I managed to build an advantage before I entered boxing." "But unfortunately, the tire change was slow. ” “The team is great in the box all year round and things like that happen.

I did my best to overtake McLaren in the second section, but we had the same problem and in the end we finished sixth. ” “Congratulations to Charles who almost managed to win! This race gives us a good feeling for Hungary and the second part of the season.

Binotto is happy for progress after France

Team boss Mattia Binotto was encouraged by the progress Ferrari has shown since the French GP when they were left without points due to major tire consumption problems.

“This was a positive race, not only because of the results but mostly because of the progress we have made,” Binotto said. "After the race in France, the whole organization reacted well. We know that we are not yet in a position to fight for the highest positions on a regular basis because two cars are faster than us, but it is important that we work in the right direction.

” "Charles drove a fantastic race, I can understand the disappointment because it hurts to lose a victory at the end of the race, but he should be proud of what he has achieved in these three days." "Carlos drove a solid race, it's a pity that the technical problem in the box cost him at least one position.

Now we are turning to the next race in Hungary, it is a very different track than this one and we hope to confirm the progress we have seen in the last few races. ”