Alonso: “I think I feel better and I feel more like a race driver"

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Alonso: “I think I feel better and I feel more like a race driver"

The Spanish ace won a seventh place at the UK Grand Prix. It is his fifth consecutive ranking among the points winners, and although it is not the best result, he believes that the weekend at Silverstone was definitely the best for Alpine this season.

In his rich career, Fernando Alonso has felt the sweetness of winning the legendary Silverstone in the UK, but now that is a distant past. He celebrated his first victory at that location in 2006 with Renault, and the second five years later in a Ferrari car.

The current reality is a bit different for him and upon his return to Formula 1 after a two-year break, he must look forward to every entry into points with the Alpine car. Seventh place won this Sunday, Fernando had the best placement at Silverstone since 2014 when he was sixth.


It also symbolizes the continuation of his good form as he has won points in five races in a row. Although he won the sixth position at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, he says that last weekend was the best for Alpine this season.

“Our best result was in Baku, but it was a strange race. This seventh position probably represents our best weekend in terms of speed in the race and I am happy about that. It was a tough race in terms of tire management, but we did it pretty well and we got a good result.

” “Our races are never easy, you know? We are always in different types of fights, in different phases of the race, but I think we had a good weekend ", commented the Spaniard. Without a doubt, Alonso was the star of the sprint qualifiers run on Saturday.

Then he had a fantastic start and a jump to fifth place. He later fell behind a McLaren car and finished seventh, and on Sunday he confirmed that result. In the middle of the season, he points out that he already feels pretty good in the car.

“I think I feel better and I feel more like a race driver. The first few weekends - Bahrain, Imola, as if I started from scratch and I was very careful in many ways, I tried not to make a mistake for the team."

"Now I have a lot more confidence in the car and I can use my instincts better, ”says Fernando. After ten races, he has 26 points, four less than Sebastian Vettel, who closes the top half of the drivers' standings.