Hamilton: "Most of the time I had to give in and avoid an incident with him"

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Hamilton: "Most of the time I had to give in and avoid an incident with him"

Lewis Hamilton says that in his fights with Max Verstappen he was almost always the one who had to give in to avoid a collision and in order to be able to continue racing and considers Verstappen to be one of the most aggressive drivers in Formula 1.

Hamilton and Verstappen collided in the first round of the UK Grand Prix after Hamilton kept the inside in the Copse corner even though Verstappen was in front from the outside, but the Dutchman luckily got away with no consequences in a terrible collision.

The referees punished Hamilton for an incident with ten seconds he worked out during his tire change, but despite the penalty, the Briton managed to catch up, overtake Leclerc in Ferrari and achieve his eighth victory in his home race.

“I would like to believe that we should generally grow and learn from our experiences, there is rarely an incident for which someone is 100% to blame,” Hamilton said. "It's always a mix because two people are involved, or more of them, so I think we can both learn from this."

“I’d say Max is probably one of the most aggressive drivers, that’s my personal opinion, he’s doing a great job, but I think we all need to find the best balance on the track, leave space and respect each other so we can race and have good races with no collision.


Hamilton and Verstappen have already had a number of close encounters on the track, especially this season, such as starts in Imola, Portugal, and Spain, and Hamilton believes that in some situations there was no collision because he gave in.

“When I was younger and I was probably as aggressive as he was, maybe not as aggressive as Max, but I was pretty aggressive as a young man,” Hamilton said. “I’m a lot older now and I know this is a marathon, not a sprint so I have a better view of how I approach racing.

But we are in a fight and I think he was very aggressive this year. " "Most of the time I had to give in and avoid an incident with him to continue the fight later in the race." “As you saw on Saturday in the sprint, when he escapes then they are too fast.

So when the opportunity comes we have to try to take advantage of it. I had a great way out of the seventh corner and I was happy with the fake I sold, that I would go left, and then I went right from the inside. ” "It simply came to our notice then. But unfortunately, that aggression remained on his part and we collided. "