Leclerc believes Hamilton and Verstappen are equally guilty

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Leclerc believes Hamilton and Verstappen are equally guilty

Charles Leclerc believes the collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the first round of the UK Grand Prix was a racing incident in which both drivers could have done more to avoid the collision. Leclerc closely followed Hamilton and Verstappen who fought in the first seven turns of the first lap, and after the contact that knocked Verstappen out of the race, Leclerc took the lead which held 49 out of a total of 52 laps.

Despite a ten-second penalty, Hamilton managed to catch up with Leclerc, with the help of team-mate Bottas who moved away from him ahead of the Stowe corner and achieved his eighth victory at the British Grand Prix. “It’s very hard to judge from the car because we’re very low,” Leclerc said.

“So it’s hard to see. It all happened very quickly. I could see a lot going on in front of me. ” "And yes, I think it's a racing incident." “It’s pretty hard to blame one of the drivers.

Obviously, there was room on the inside. Maybe Lewis wasn't completely at the top of the corner, but it's also true that Max was quite aggressive from the outside. ” "It simply came to our notice then. The most important thing is that Max is fine.


Leclerc is pleased with Ferrari’s speed in the race in which they had a chance to achieve their first win since the 2019 Singapore GP when Vettel celebrated ahead of Leclerc but says there was nothing he could do to keep Hamilton overtaking him in the same bend he collided with Verstappen.

“I still believed I could win this race, so it should be,” Leclerc said. "If I had thought I would be second before, it would have been even worse. I believed in victory until the last moment. " “The engineer was telling me about Lewis’ speed on hard tires and I thought ‘it’s fast.

I pressed 200%, but it wasn't good enough to keep first place in the last laps. " For Leclerc, this was the first podium since last year’s UK Grand Prix when he finished second. This is one of Leclerc’s best seasons and it really looks phenomenal.

The question is whether he can continue with such good form and help his team achieve much greater success. The task will not be easy given the competition, but apparently Leclerc can do a lot this season