F1 satisfied with 1st qualifying sprint race

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F1 satisfied with 1st qualifying sprint race
F1 satisfied with 1st qualifying sprint race (Provided by Sport World News)

Max Verstappen defeated Lewis Hamilton in the first qualifying sprint race to reach the pole position, while Silverstone hosted the debut of a new experiment in a premier-class weekend format. The format will be tested at two more events this year before Formula 1 decides whether to include qualifying sprint races as a regular feature of the race weekend.

“It’s a whole new concept for Formula 1 and I think it’s one of the things we’ve all seen: a racing driver is a racing driver who will never slow down,” Brawn explains. “That first lap or so was biting your nails and sensational, and then we had little duels for the rest of the race.

Fernando Alonso’s performance was sensational, I gave my vote for the best move. I would buy a ticket for that every day, so I am very satisfied. " "We will let the dust settle over the weekend, spend some time with the FIA ​​and the teams, try to figure out if there are any evolutions we want, but this year we will not change the basic format," he added.

"I think after three races we can sit down and see where we're going. But so far it is very positive, "assures the head of F1.


Brawn acknowledged that fan feedback would be "crucial" in the way the format will develop in the future, but said the initial response was overwhelmingly positive.

"We already have a lot of positive feedback from fans," he claims. "They like it on social media. But there will be fans who give some comments, what they didn't understand or appreciate, and we will take that into account. " Brawn admitted that F1 may not stick to its decision to attribute a pole position to the winner of the qualifying sprint race, something Sebastian Vettel called "wrong" before the weekend.

"Should Friday be a pole position?" We will talk about such things and talk to the FIA ​​and the teams. But I don’t think history can hold us back. We have to respect history, but it must not hold us back, ”Brawn said.

The F1 boss adds that the free choice of tires is another "attractive" element of the new format that he believes has worked well and could be accepted for normal racing. "There are some very attractive parts, they all ride on the same tires in qualifying, and there is still variety in the race because there were two tire components that we can use." "There are no handicaps of tires we can use, so we can move forward with that," Ross Brawn concluded.