Verstappen was the fastest in the second practice before the sprint qualification

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Verstappen was the fastest in the second practice before the sprint qualification

Max Verstappen drove the fastest time in the second free practice for the British Grand Prix where he was faster than two Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz ahead of the first sprint qualifiers in the history of Formula 1.

Although drivers and teams were not allowed to change car settings in the second practice, which was driven this weekend after qualifying on Friday afternoon, they were still able to gather a lot of important information ahead of the sprint qualifiers and Sunday’s race.

Drivers mostly started training on hard and medium tires, and later tested soft tires with less fuel to test their consumption in sprint qualifying conditions that last a third of a real race and in which drivers will have about 30kg of fuel.

Verstappen drove 1: 29.902 on medium Pirelli tires, 3.8 seconds slower than Hamilton’s fastest lap in yesterday’s qualifiers, and Leclerc was the second fastest for Ferrari with 0.375 seconds behind on the same tire component.

Sainz was third fastest with a six-tenths lag in third place for Ferrari using soft tires in his fastest lap, and Ocon was fourth fastest for Alpine on medium tires. Perez again had a big lag behind Verstappen of nine tenths in fifth place on medium tires, and McLaren drivers Norris and Ricciardo were sixth and seventh, also on the medium component.


After the fastest time in qualifying, Hamilton set the eighth fastest time for Mercedes on soft ahead of teammate Bottas on hard, and Gasly was tenth fastest for AlphaTauri using soft tires. Rusell was 11th fastest on the medium, after qualifying in eighth place yesterday, ahead of Giovinazzi, Alonso and Raikkonen on the soft, and the remaining drivers used medium tires in their best laps.

Latifi was 16th fastest for Williams ahead of Tsunoda and two Aston drivers Martin Vettel and Stroll, and two Haas drivers once again set the two slowest laps. The sprint qualifiers for the British Grand Prix, which will decide the starting order for tomorrow's race, start at 5:30 p.m.

It is certain that most fans expect exciting races because this is something they are not used to so far. Sprint races will bring an extra dose of curiosity and will probably make F1 more interesting to follow. It will be interesting in any case, Verstappen could win again, but the task will not be easy for him and he is aware that Mercedes can easily take advantage of his mistakes.