Verstappen wants to improve his qualifying speed for Silverstone

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Verstappen wants to improve his qualifying speed for Silverstone

Max Verstappen believes that he and Red Bull can improve their performances in qualifying even though they have won pole position in the last three races because in two races in Austria they did not get the maximum performance out of their car.

For the first time in his F1 career, Verstappen combined three consecutive pole positions and three wins while Red Bull for the first time since 2013 in a series of five wins brought them a convincing lead in the driver's and constructors standings.

But even though he won pole position in France and two races in Austria, Verstappen is aware that he can do better because he did not improve in the second Q3 lap on the first weekend in Austria, while a week later he also drove a worse second Q3 lap because his tires too cold as he waited for his last quick lap to begin.


That almost cost him half a position as Norris in McLaren was only 0.048 seconds slower, and the Dutchman says that on the eve of Silverstone they analyzed the whole situation in detail. “It’s always about small details, there are no big things you can improve on,” said the championship’s leading driver.

"For example, I was not happy with how the qualifications went in Austria. That's something we have to work on and re-analyze, which we did. " “But also in terms of settings, I always look at things we can improve in different areas.

I can't explain it in a minute because there's a lot we have to look at. " "We've been happy with the last few races, but we're always looking at things we can do better." "That's exactly what we're going to try to do this weekend, too.

I've always said we need to work on getting the car in the best possible condition when it comes to settings, and of course, changing the format will make it a little harder to achieve." "I'm looking forward to the start of the weekend and then we'll find out where we are."

Verstappen is the winner of the last F1 race held at Silverstone, which was called the 70th anniversary Grand Prix and which was run a week after the British Grand Prix. Verstappen got off to a great start to the season and all he has to do is be on the same level to finally be the one to dethrone Hamilton.