Stroll expects an expansion of Aston Martin and fight for the title

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Stroll expects an expansion of Aston Martin and fight for the title

Aston Martin F1 team owner Lawrence Stroll says he will do anything to be in the long run in the title fight and plans an aggressive expansion of the factory and the number of people to succeed in the next five years. Stroll has made no secret of his ambitions to be at the top of Formula One with Aston Martin from the start, although they are less competitive this season than last year under the name Racing Point, they have already started taking steps to be better equipped to fight big teams.

Construction of a new factory and air tunnel is underway, as is the hiring of top experts from other teams in an effort to increase the number of employees from 500 to 800. “If you’re going to let them play ball with you, for lack of a better expression, I don’t think you’re going to succeed in this sport like in any other,” Stroll said ahead of the home race at Silverstone.

"I did not invest such significant funds that I do not believe that we can fight for the World Championship. So we will do everything we need to succeed, of course, within the rules. " “We employ brilliant people in technical and engineering terms, all the time.

The result will be a strong technical and engineering background of the company whose depth will be equal, if not better, compared to other F1 teams. ” “We are announcing new reinforcements almost on a weekly basis, we are hiring great talent.

By the way, this week we will announce another senior reinforcement from the other team. " Stroll about their success Despite the large investments, which should be felt in the coming years when the new factory and air tunnel are in operation and when the number of people on the team increases significantly, Stroll is aware that success in Formula 1 does not come overnight.

"We are in a good position at the moment, we share an air tunnel with Mercedes so we are currently in one of the best air tunnels." "It's not as good as when you have your own, but it's not that we're sacrificing a lot right now because we're using a bad air tunnel."

“As for the plant, we have definitely outgrown our factory. We build a lot of temporary solutions to accommodate new people. I think we will be in the new factory in 18-20 months or by the end of next year. " “In Formula 1, as in any other business, you can’t plan to win four or five years ago.

I think it's a realistic time frame. " Aston Martin are in sixth place in the constructors ’standings, four points behind AlphaTauri, after finishing fourth last year losing a battle for third place to McLaren.