Ferrari is expecting a chaotic weekend due to the new format

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Ferrari is expecting a chaotic weekend due to the new format

Ferrari F1 boss Mattia Binotto says he expects a ‘mess’ over the next weekend at Silverstone due to a new format that gives drivers and teams just one free practice before qualifying to adjust the car after which they will have to deal with what they have.

This weekend, Formula 1 is testing a new format in which the usual qualifications are driven on Friday afternoon, after which no significant changes can be made to the car's settings, so they will have only one training session instead of the previous three to find the optimal settings.

The situation is further complicated by the new construction of the rear tires, which they tested on Friday in free practice at the previous race in Austria, and which Pirelli introduced to make sure that the tires will withstand the great efforts of tracks like Silverstone.

“We have a new tire specification for Silverstone, which we tested in Austria, but most teams have yet to gain more experience with it,” Binotto said. "There will be very little time for that because we only have one training session on Friday before qualifying so you go to qualifying almost immediately with a new tire specification."

“There is also a new format with which we have very little experience because the parc ferme conditions have been in force since Friday and it is really exciting. It could be exciting. ” "I think we're in for a mess because the car's settings won't be optimized due to a lack of tire experience so I think this could be a great race weekend in that regard."

Leclerc encourages Ferrari to focus on 2022 as soon as possible

Charles Leclerc, who is Ferrari's leading driver in sixth place in the standings with two points more than his teammate Carlos Sainz, believes that Ferrari should focus on 2022 as soon as possible, even if it means losing the fight for third place in the constructors' standings and they are 19 points behind McLaren.

“I’m pushing the team to focus more on 2022 and I think it’s clear to everyone that 2022 will be a great opportunity for everyone, these new cars will stay that way for years to come,” Leclerc said.

"This year we are still fighting McLaren for third place, but our ultimate goal is to fight for a first-place soon and I think it will be from 2022, not this year." "So I would be happy to give up third place in 2021 to fight for first place in 2022."