Russell: "Hamilton is like good wine, getting better with age"

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Russell: "Hamilton is like good wine, getting better with age"

George Russell expressed satisfaction with the signing of a new contract between Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes team, which came to light during the Austrian Grand Prix. Russell believes that over the years Hamilton is becoming a better driver, comparing him to good wine.

Hamilton is currently the third oldest driver on the grid, after Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso. "I'm really glad to see Lewis staying in this sport, he's obviously a world superstar and he's still performing at an exceptional level."

“I guess he’s like good wine, getting better with age. Max [Verstappen] and Red Bull look very strong, but I'm sure Lewis will be pushing all the time. " "As I say, I just think it's really great for Formula 1 to have a guy like Lewis stay."

There has been a lot of talks lately about George Russell’s arrival at Mercedes next season, but the team has yet to make an official decision on whether to keep Valtteri Bottas or opt for the young Williams driver.

Russell is a river Russell said how he wants to race with the best drivers on the grid, which would mean that Hamilton as a potential future teammate suits him. "If Lewis wasn't on the grid next year, it would be a shame, because then one of the best in the world wouldn't be at the grid."

"For myself, I want to compete against the best people in the world, which I think, to be honest, right now on the grid, we have a very good group of drivers who deserve to be here."

Next season

As for speculation about the team he will drive for next season, Russell said the following: "I don't really put pressure on anyone, because I just want to talk on the track and just focus on the track because I know that if I do the work on the track, everything will be solved.

” "Mercedes has known me so well all these years and I'm in daily contact with them, as it has been for the last three years." "They'll do it when they believe it's the right time, whichever way they decide to go."

Russell will surely watch the situation this season carefully and wait for his opportunity, which he wants to make the most of. Last season he showed that he has talent and knowledge, but there is still no place for him in Mercedes. However, who knows, maybe next season will be the one that will dominate F1