Wolff: "It's just one DNF and we're back in the game"

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Wolff: "It's just one DNF and we're back in the game"

The current form of Red Bull is at a very high level. This season, after a long time, they have achieved five wins in a row. Specifically, the last time Red Bull was in such good shape was back in 2013 when they won the championship and when Sebastian Vettel set a record of nine wins in a row.

Their current strong form can also be seen in the order of drivers, ie constructors. Verstappen runs away from Hamilton with a difference of 32 points, while the advantage in the constructors' standings is even bigger, more precisely Red Bull has a 44-point advantage over Mercedes.

Still, Wolff points out that morale in his team is still at a high level: “Morale is at a good level, we have seen an improvement in our pace in the race compared to last weekend which means we are still making progress and we will soon be able to fight for wins again."

"This season is everything but not over. I don't know the exact difference, 32 points, isn't it? ” "It's just one DNF and we're back in the game. And when we remember Baku and our potential, and when we look at the other races this season, we obviously have to do a better job, we must not make so many mistakes, and we still need to try to better understand our car."

"If we succeed, then we can still continue our chase. "


But in nine races this season, Red Bull had only one DNF. The reason for this was the sudden bursting of a tire on a Verstappen car just 5 laps before the end of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

However, Red Bull did not fail to win points even then because Sergio Perez registered his first victory for his new team. Mercedes, on the other hand, had two DNF, in Italy and in Monaco, and in both cases, it happened to Valtteri Bottas.

On the other hand, Wolff points out that in the last race several factors influenced their weaker result, and that this is not their real pace in the race. Verstappen dominated the race and took the victory, winning the first starting position, the fastest lap of the race, and leading from the first to the last lap, but the fact is that Hamilton had more damage to the car for most of the race which greatly affected his pace.

“I think the result and the pace we had probably looked worse than it really is. We were stuck behind McLaren, so we wasted a lot of time. But otherwise, our pace was good, maybe not good enough to win, but good enough to fight at the top, which is a step forward. ” Wolf pointed out