Brawn is ‘very optimistic’ about sprint races

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Brawn is ‘very optimistic’ about sprint races

Formula 1 managing director Ross Brawn is very optimistic about the format of the sprint races that will be tested for the first time at Silverstone next weekend and believes that it will bring the extra excitement expected of him.

Formula 1 will try out a new format for the first time this year with a sprint qualifying race that will run instead of the usual qualifiers on Saturday and the outcome of which will be decided by the starting order for Sunday’s race.

The sprint race will last a third of the usual race, and the starting order for it will determine the outcome of the qualifiers to be driven on Friday afternoon instead of the second free practice while the first three drivers in the sprint race will win points (3-2-1).

“I think it was fascinating to see Baku and the little sprint we had at the end of [2 race laps], which was exciting,” Brawn said. “I don’t think our sprint race will be so aggressive because it takes more than 100 kilometers so they have a little more time.

But I think racing drivers would race with each other in the supermarket, that's their nature. ”

Fastest drivers

"While it could be said that the sprint is just an introduction to the main event, the race, I think the riders will desperately want to beat each other and show who is the fastest and strongest."

"We're really trying to encourage racing to the extreme, we want nothing to be kept in qualifying, no ridiculous tire choices, we wanted to create a situation for a sprint race so drivers don't fall behind on tire selection."

"I don't think any of us know how drivers will behave, how conservative they will be, and how much their teams will pressure them to be conservative or aggressive." "Personally, I am very optimistic, I think it will be a very good event, a great race.

And I think the riders will be in the mood for action because when you think of Max and Lewis, will they have a different approach before the first corner because it’s a sprint race? I wouldn't say. " Most expect Silverstone to offer something completely different from what we used to see, but the biggest attention will be focused on Hamilton and Verstappen who are the absolute favorites of the race and it will be interesting to see how they manage.