Russell: “I was pretty worried at the start"

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Russell: “I was pretty worried at the start"

The British driver was so close to winning his first point in Williams' car, but at the very end of the Austrian Grand Prix, he lost his position to Fernando Alonso. He pointed out the problems at the start but in the end a lot of positive things from the weekend at the Red Bull Ring.

George Russell managed to squeeze into the final qualifying round for the first time last weekend by driving a Williams car. It was a truly fantastic result, and he started the race in the Red Bull Ring from the eighth position.

Unfortunately for him, when the lights went out, not everything went perfectly. “I was pretty worried at the start. It felt like we had some kind of problem. We still have to explore that. I started pretty well, but unfortunately, Tsunoda blocked the wheels badly and I had to avoid a big incident." "That compromised me a lot and I lost two or three more positions, ”explains Russell

Fighting with Alonso

Later in the race, he fought heroically to bring Williams his first point in the World Championship after almost two years.

He held the tenth position until four laps before the end when Fernando Alonso managed to pass him in a very fast Alpine. “We had a good strategy, I fought with all my heart, but if you could choose a driver who will find himself behind you in such a situation, you would not choose Fernando." "He had the speed for the first five.

Keeping a guy like Fernando was practically impossible, even though I tried. So close yet so far." “It’s positive that we were in Q3, it’s positive that we finished in 11th place, so close to the top ten.

Personally, this was probably one of my first real battles on the track and I felt like I did my job without some stupid mistakes. ” “I have been in Formula 1 for three years, and one of those years I circled the tracks completely alone.

It was similar last year, so it was pretty nice to have a fight like this now, especially against a driver like Fernando, ”said the 23-year-old Briton. The wait for the first entry among the points winners continues.

New hope - home GP at Silverstone next week. Russell seems to have self-confidence and will miss a bit to achieve what he set out to do