Juan Pablo Montoya: "This is the end of the game for Mercedes"

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Juan Pablo Montoya: "This is the end of the game for Mercedes"

Juan Pablo Montoya thinks that Mercedes is facing an impossible task that they have set for themselves, and that is winning the eighth title in a row. After Mercedes dominated the turbo-hybrid era with seven championships won, it seems that a worthy rival has now emerged in the form of Red Bull’s RB16B car.

So far, five races have belonged to Red Bull, of which Max Verstappen took four victories, which is consequently reflected in the driving schedule where Max Verstappen currently has a 32-point advantage over Lewis Hamilton.

The situation is similar in the construction standings, where the advantage of Red Bull over Mercedes is 44 points. While most of the focus of Mercedes ’development is on the car for next season, Mercedes hopes the new package of changes to the car they bring to the UK Grand Prix will also bring some improvements on the track, to make it easier to catch Red Bull.

Montoya on the race

But former Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya, who is still competing in IndyCar, sees no way for Mercedes to return to the race for the championship. "I think it will be very difficult for Mercedes.

At this stage, Red Bull and Max [Verstappen] have obviously gained momentum. Max is doing great, he’s there [on the podium] from week to week. I don't really see how can they beat him. " “The only aspect that still speaks in favor of Mercedes are the upgrades they bring to Silverstone.

I hope that step is big enough to get closer to Red Bull, but I honestly don’t think it will be enough. I don't see how can they turn it around. " Montoya is impressed by the maturity of Verstappen's performances and says that the supremacy of Red Bull's car helps him significantly in that.

"It's much easier to have complete control when you have the fastest car and everything goes well for you. Then it's easier to keep a cool head, to perform tasks flawlessly… In fact, everything becomes easier.

” He also had words of praise for Hamiton "I don't think it's Hamilton who is under pressure. To me, Lewis is still a great driver, but Red Bull just has a faster car. Especially in Max's hands, that Red Bull is on another level.

" "If you look at the way things are now, unless something special happens, we'll assume Max should win this championship."