Binotto pleased with the team spirit of his team

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Binotto pleased with the team spirit of his team

After unsuccessful qualifications for the Austrian GP, ​​Ferrari decided to separate strategies for its drivers. Leclerc started on medium tires and switched to hard in the middle of the race, and Sainz started on hard tires and switched to medium in lap 48.

Sainz was faster at the end of the race and caught up with a teammate who missed him so Sainz could continue the hunt for Ricciardo in McLaren and eventually finish fifth because of the penalty for Perez. The head of the Ferrari team, Mattia Binotto, was delighted with the teamwork of his drivers.

“What I would highlight today is the team spirit shown by our drivers because Charles did not hesitate to let by Carlos who was on fresher and faster tires." "This meant that we managed to achieve the best possible result for the team.

That is the true spirit and that is the path we are taking as we continue to progress, "Binotto began. "When we asked Charles to swap positions with Carlos in the end, he did so immediately, without discussion, because he understands the importance of the team and how important it is for the team to score the maximum possible number of points."

Ferrari finished the race as fifth and eighth and scored 14 points, while rivals from McLaren won more thanks to podium and third place Norris and seventh place Ricciardo, a total of 21 points. As a result, Ferrari's gap increased to 19 points.


At McLaren, they can thank Perez for this advantage, who on several occasions did not allow Leclerc to overtake him and even earned a penalty twice for pushing Leclerc off the track, which ultimately ruined their tire performance and he could no longer make fast laps.

Binotto believes that the end result would have been much better if Perez had not defended his position too aggressively. “I think Charles could have been better if he had no difficulty overtaking Perez, but that’s part of the race.

I see incidents as seen by the referees, the incidents are punished. Too bad for Charles because those two incidents ruined his end result. “ “I’m sure his end result would have been much better if he managed to overtake Perez, and he had the opportunity to do so,” Binotto concluded.

True, it's a shame for Charles, but we have no doubt that he will be better in the next race and that Ferrari will be better and better as the season progresses.