Seidl believes that the track is the cause of a good result

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Seidl believes that the track is the cause of a good result
Seidl believes that the track is the cause of a good result (Provided by Sport World News)

McLaren F1 boss Andreas Seidl wants to stay realistic even after his team’s fantastic performance in Austria where they started from the first starting row and finished on the podium and believes they still can’t challenge Red Bull or Mercedes on a regular basis.

The Woking team has had one of the best weekends in terms of speed since 2012 when Button celebrated from pole position in the last race of the season in Brazil, and Norris missed just 0.058 seconds to win the first pole position for McLaren after nine years.

Although it was not expected that Norris could beat the drivers of Red Bull and Mercedes, the young Briton kept Hamilton for a long time, lost his position to Bottas due to a five-second penalty for the Perez incident, and later overtook Hamilton who damaged the car and finished third.


But the head of the team calls for caution and believes that such a good release of McLaren is a consequence of the track that suited them and does not expect them to be so good in other races. “I think we have to be realistic, this was the track that fits our car,” Seidl said.

"What was good to see, compared to the previous weekend, were the development elements and the fine-tuning we did with the car's settings, we definitely took a step forward in terms of performance, both in qualifying and in the race." “It allowed us to be in a position to fight some cars from the top.

But I don't know exactly what problems Lewis had, which gave us a chance to stand on the basis of our sheer speed, which is great. ” “But we have to be realistic, look at the race a week ago on the same track, we didn’t have a chance against the car from the top, the gap was huge.

We knew we would have a better car this weekend, but we didn't expect to be able to fight them. " "We know exactly where we stand as a team, we know what is behind us. We know it also comes from infrastructure and so on. So it's no surprise that we're where we are.

" "We're on a journey, we have a clear plan for how we want to reduce that gap and it takes a few years, but the good thing is that we're taking smaller steps." McLaren after the first nine races of the season has 19 points more than Ferrari in the fight for third place and 101 points less than Mercedes in second place.