Verstappen: "I’m a little amazed at what kind of work we’ve done"

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Verstappen: "I’m a little amazed at what kind of work we’ve done"
Verstappen: "I’m a little amazed at what kind of work we’ve done" (Provided by Sport World News)

Max Verstappen leaves Austria with a wide smile and a bag full of points after two victories on the track in Spielberg. Of the possible 52 points he could theoretically have won in Austria’s double program, Verstappen leaves the Red Bull Ring with 51 points.

After the Styrian GP, ​​which he drove without too many threats from other drivers, we saw a similar scenario at today's Austrian GP, ​​which Red Bull, according to Verstappen, did even more amazingly.

Max Verstappen achieved his fifth victory in this year's Formula 1 championship. The Dutchman announced the celebration in Austria in Saturday's qualifiers where he won the pole position and did not drop the first position in the race at any time, and with such dominance, he deserved to stand on the top step of the podium in front of many of his fans who arrived in Austria.

After leaving second-placed Valtteri Bottas behind for 17.9 seconds, Verstappen had only words of praise for the car he had at his disposal today. "I must be honest and say that this was amazing. On each set of tires, I drove the car very comfortably.

Pretty crazy!
I’m a little amazed at what kind of work we’ve done." "I didn’t expect it to look like that. It's an amazing job for everyone to deliver something like this, "commented Verstappen. "At the beginning of the weekend, everyone sees you as the main favorite and it is not always the easiest job to justify that." "The whole team worked hard, but I have to mention Honda as well.

The whole Honda package was amazing, especially today's one. ”Verstappen also commented on Honda's powertrain.

Safety car

The only challenge for Verstappen in today’s race was a restart after the appearance of a safety car in the early stages of the race.

The restart worked without much trouble and shortly afterward made a significant difference ahead of Lando Norris who was then holding second place. "I had to be calm at the beginning because I knew I had a little distance in relation to the car behind me.

I knew that if I broke away from the standings in the first lap after the restart I could take my race. You always have to do it first, and that was amazing today. " Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen’s main rival in the title fight, finished the race in fourth place due to car damage, and Valtteri Bottas, Verstappen’s first runner-up in today’s race, admitted that Mercedes could not match Red Bull.

“It’s great to be on the podium again; on another place. I think that’s the most we could do.
When we take into account the big difference in the pace that Red Bull achieved, I think we won solid points today, "said second-placed Valtteri Bottas.

With the victory at home, Red Bull increased the points difference over Mercedes, which now amounts to 44 points, and with the new victory, Max Verstappen has a 32-point advantage over Lewis Hamilton in the driver's standings.